Now that you’ve seen all the new ingredients in the iOS 7 kitchen, are you ready to test your skills by preparing a dish for Xamarin’s panel of taste testers?

cook-with-xamarinXamarin recipes are mini-hacks that focus on showing off the flavor profile of a particular platform feature. With the staggering number of new features introduced in iOS 7 this week, there is lots of room for daring Xamarin chefs to experiment, and be first to show off what they’ve learned.

To encourage more cooking with iOS 7 in September, we’ll be hosting our first “Xamarin Recipe Cook-off”, where you can win one of many fabulous prizes just by trying out a new iOS 7 API, and blogging about your experience.

An ideal Xamarin recipe will consist of a blog post explaining the bare minimum code necessary to demonstrate an iOS 7 feature or concept, and will be downloadable as a self-contained, runnable example project under MIT/X11, MS-PL, or Apache 2 license, hosted on GitHub.  No purchase necessary – if you’re not a customer, download Xamarin Starter and build your recipe today.

Once you’ve posted your recipe on your blog, just let us know the URL to your entry by sending a  and you’ll be entered to win $299 Xamarin store credit, applicable toward Xamarin subscriptions or renewals, or for purchase of components on the Xamarin Component Store.

*Rich not included

Deadline for entries is end of the day on Monday, September 30, 2013, so don’t delay! A grand prize winner will be selected during the first week of October, but all legitimate entries will win a Xamarin C# shirt, just like the one sported by Xamarin developer-model Rich Taylor at right*.