We are happy to announce that the winner of our Xamarin Recipe Cook-off is René Ruppert for his recipe, Using SpriteKit on iOS7 with C#.sprite-monkey

This was a difficult decision as there were many great recipes submitted, as you can see from the list below. If you’re starting to look at how you can incorporate iOS 7 features in your own apps, these recipes will serve as a first-class guide.

Everyone that submitted a recipe will be receiving a Xamarin C# shirt as our thanks.

Background Fetching

Animating Views with UIGravityBehavior

Using CIImage Filters to Apply an Old Film Effect

New Physics Behaviors in UIKit with Xamarin and iOS7

Generate a QR Code

Recipe for JavascriptCore Framework Part 1

Recipe for JavascriptCore Framework Part 2

Translate text from one language and speak it in another

MapKit MKDirections

Kaleidoscope Image Gallery

SpriteKit Particle Fun

Adding Touch to SpriteKit

SpriteKit and Xamarin.iOS

Coin Drop – iOS 7 Dynamic Animation and Behavior Example Using Xamarin.iOS