Today we are very excited to announce our first outside investment, $12 million from Charles River Ventures, Ignition Partners, and Floodgate. This is the first time that Xamarin has raised money, and we are so happy to be working with these world-class investors.

Our press release for the announcement is here.

A little bit of background for those of you just joining our story. One year ago, the team behind the Mono project decided to form a new startup to create the best platform in the world for building mobile apps, enabling developers to use C# to write iOS and Android apps, and therefore to share code across the three major mobile platforms (including Windows Phone).


It has been an amazing year, way beyond our expectations. More than 150,000 developers have used Xamarin, and we have more than 7,500 paying customers. We’ve helped developers build thousands of iOS and Android apps, and we’ve grown to 35 employees.

What’s more, everything we’ve accomplished so far was done without raising any outside investment. We earned every dollar we spent. We’re very proud of that, and we hope that it’s had a permanent effect on our culture.

We could have kept going indefinitely, but a few months ago we decided to raise money. Because as great as the last year has been, the opportunity for Xamarin is much bigger. Bringing C# to iOS and Android is a wonderful first step, but our ambition is to solve all of the hard problems you encounter when creating mobile apps.

We’ve been successful so far because we are a company by developers and for developers. And that’s not going to change.  But, we want to solve more problems for developers. Earlier this year, we introduced the Xamarin Designer for Android to make it easy to create Android user interfaces. Expect to see us do more things like this that take the pain out of mobile development. We want to help you design better apps, build for more platforms, test your software, get your app to market more quickly, improve the quality of your code, and collaborate with your peers more easily.

We want Xamarin developers to build better apps faster.

The mobile world is huge. Every person on the planet will eventually be a mobile user. Our relationships with our phones are our most intimate relationships to technology. And so the demand for mobile software is enormous. We think it is the largest-ever software market. But, the mobile world is also heterogeneous, fast-moving, and plagued by bad developer experiences. But we can help.

So, we want to reach more of you. There is a massive shortage of mobile developers (1 2 3 4), and Xamarin enables millions of experienced C# programmers to become mobile developers very quickly. But most of them don’t know about us! We’re going to fix that.

The best part about the last year has been seeing what you, our developers, build with our products. Mobile is touching the lives of billions of people around the world, and creates a broad new canvas for your imaginations. We look forward to helping you fill it.