June 27, 2012

Xamarin.Mobile, Accessing Unified Cross-platform Features Seminar


We just posted the latest Xamarin.Mobile seminar to YouTube. Mike joins us again to introduce the Xamarin.Mobile library and to show how you can write the same Xamarin.Mobile code to access features on MonoTouch, Mono for Android and Windows Phone. You can view the full seminar below:

As always, you can view the slides in the Xamarin Channel in SlideShare and below:

Our next seminar will be on 28th June (tomorrow!). Our guest host will be Nic Wise, who will provide us with an introduction to iOS5 UIAppearance API’s and other tools which are handy when dealing with iOS design assets, as well as some other tricks for making your MonoTouch app look amazing and perform great, with or without a designer. Sign up for this seminar: Register now


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