We introduced the Xamarin Live Player, a brand new way for developers to get started with Xamarin development faster than ever with just Visual Studio and an iOS or Android device, at this year’s Build developer conference. Based on your feedback from the first preview, we’re excited to announce an update to the Xamarin Live Player preview that’s packed full of new features and optimizations.

About the Xamarin Live Player

The Xamarin Live Player applications enable developers to continuously deploy, test, and debug their applications directly on their devices over local wi-fi. Optimized for Xamarin.Forms developers can now modify their XAML and see the changes reflected in moments on their device without having to compile or wait for a full deploy.

Getting Started

The recent release Visual Studio 2017 version 15.4 Preview and Visual Studio for Mac version 7.2 (Alpha) have the Xamarin Live Player built right in and can be enabled with a single check box in the settings. In Visual Studio 2017 head over to Tools -> Options -> Xamarin -> Other and check “Enable Xamarin Live Player”. In Visual Studio for Mac, go to preferences and you will find a Xamarin Live Player section with a similar check box:

Download the Live Player

We’ve created an app Fast Ring program for you to get early versions of the Xamarin Live Player from Apple’s Test Flight and from the Google Play Store, so you can access the latest and greatest features of the Xamarin Live Player even faster. Simply register for the Xamarin Live Player Fast Ring program, and within a few days you will receive an email on how to get the latest versions to start testing.

What’s New?

The Xamarin Live Player simplifies the entire process of deploying your application. Completely redesigned from the ground up, developers are now greeted with a full introduction and walk through of setting up the Live Player for the first time.

Additionally, Visual Studio and the Live Player now give real time feedback on pairing status when the Live Player is open and the code is being deployed to it.

We’ve also added advanced network connection tests, debug logs, and simplified the settings so you can get to where you need to faster. In addition to the user interface overhaul, there have been drastic improvements under the hood to help with complex applications. You can browse through the release notes here to see all of the awesome improvements that have been made.

Live Player In Action

To show off all of the awesome new features in the Xamarin Live Player Preview 2, I’ve created a short video walking through the entire process of creating your first app, highlighting the brand new redesign and features:

Learn More

Be sure to read through the Xamarin Live Player documentation for the latest setup guides, troubleshooting, and limitations information. Additionally, be sure to leave your feedback on the Xamarin Live Player forum.

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