We launched the Xamarin Developer Showdown, our first-ever mobile app development contest, in October. The Showdown challenged developers to build great applications with our Xamarin.Mobile framework. We are thrilled to have received so many outstanding entries from our community. It is with great pleasure that we finally announce the winners and give you a look at their outstanding submissions.

Grand Prize Winner

Our grand prize winner is Stuart Lodge, who developed an impressive cross-platform client application for controlling Sphero, a wireless toy. You can see Stuart’s app here:

The app allows the user to move the Sphero and change its color. Stuart built the app with Xamarin and his own MVVMCross framework, about which he recently delivered a seminar. It currently runs on Windows Phone 8 and Android, but a preliminary iOS port is also under development. He used Xamarin.Mobile to add cross-platform support for taking pictures.

As the grand prize winner, Stuart will receive a Nexus 10, Microsoft Surface, and an iPad! You can see an impressive demo of his application in the video below. You can also take a look at the source code of the app on GitHub.

Platform Winners

We’ve also named three platform winners, the developers who built the best applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8. As we established in the contest rules, each of those developers will get one tablet of their choice: a Nexus 10, Microsoft Surface, or iPad.

iOS: Evolve

Bill Holmes won in the iOS category with his impressive Evolve app, a mobile friend-finder that is designed for our upcoming Xamarin Evolve conference.

The app gives users the ability to create a profile and check in at their location, making it easy for conference attendees to find each other. Bill used Xamarin.Mobile to integrate support for inputting a location and adding other users to the system address book. It uses a database backend built with ServiceStack to store all of the data. Bill published the Evolve source code on GitHub.

Windows Phone 8: WshLst

Jonathan Dick, our winner in the Windows Phone 8 category, made an impressive cross-platform wishlist application that allows users to keep track of products that they want to buy or own:

The app, which was built with Xamarin, runs on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. An Azure Mobile Services backend allows the app to keep the user’s product list synchronized between devices and platforms.

Jonathan used his own ZXing.Net.Mobile library to support barcode scanning. He also used Xamarin.Mobile to support a wide range of contact, geolocation, and media picker capabilities–the user can share their wishlists with contacts from their addressbook, find nearby locations to buy their desired products, and attach images to wishlist items. Jonathan published the WshList source code on GitHub.

Android: Prattle

The winning application on Android is John Heerman’s Prattle, a group SMS messaging application:

The user creates lists of contacts from their addressbook and can then send messages to those lists. It tracks message history and allows the user to manage and delete groups. The app uses Xamarin.Mobile for address book integration. John published Prattle’s source code on GitHub.

Stay tuned for our next Xamarin Developer Showdown!

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the contest. We’re really excited about the amazing apps that members of our community built for this competition. If you didn’t win this time, you will have another opportunity soon–we are already planning our next Xamarin Developer Showdown! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.