In 2013, the Xamarin community experienced explosive growth. Developers around the world started a number of new Xamarin Developer Groups and delivered many spectacular presentations covering mobile development with C#. We love the amazing community that has formed around Xamarin, and we want to continue this growth in 2014 and beyond. Today, we are excited to announce our official Xamarin Community Sponsorship Program.


This program provides many resources and benefits for group leaders, including access to resources, content, networking opportunities with other group leaders, event promotion, and Xamarin swag for group giveaways. If you are already running a Xamarin, .NET, or mobile developer group simply fill out our sponsorship registration form.

If there isn’t a Xamarin developer group in your city, and you are interested in starting one, we are here to help. To get you started, we have an extensive amount of resources available in our newly restructured Community forums. There you will find the Events forum where as a group leader or speaker you can announcing an upcoming event. There is also a new Presentations forum where you will find presentations from Xamarin employees and from the community to provide you with plenty of ideas for your group. There, you will also find a brand new Introduction to Xamarin Slide Deck that you can completely customize for your needs. Lastly, we have assembled this list of tips on how to get your group off to a great start:

  1. Where to setup group: offers an easy way to create and manage developer groups.
  2. Name: [City] Mobile .NET Developers Group — This is great because it brings in not only Xamarin developers but .NET developers in general and will allow you to focus on both Xamarin and .NET topics.
  3. Name your URL:[City]MobileDevelopers
  4. Event Date: It is important to meet consistently — the same day each month is optimal, for instance “Second Tuesday of Each Month”.
  5. Event Time: See what works best for you and your group. 6 PM to 7 PM seem to work well, but again it is optimal to select the same time each month.
  6. Location: Ideally it is great to have the same location each month as well. We have found that a lot of local colleges are eager to work with user groups. Local shared work spaces, libraries, and local businesses that use Xamarin products may have space available as well.
  7. Social: It is really useful to create a Twitter account for your user group. This is a more appropriate way to send out quick updates without having to spam your users with emails. You can add your Twitter account to under “Group Tools -> Group Settings -> Optional Features”. Facebook Pages are also a great tool based on your members usage.
  8. Topics: Be sure to include “Xamarin” as one of your topics as this will ensure your user group will show up on

Once you have your group set up, please let us know by sending us an email at and fill out the sponsorship registration form. Together we can make 2014 the best year for the Xamarin community yet.