We’re working with our partners and community to bring full day mobile development events to a town near you with Xamarin Dev Days.

What are Dev Days?

Xamarin Dev Days are an intense, hands-on learning experience. More than just your average hackathon, they are free, day-long community events focused around learning how to build native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with C# and Xamarin through valuable sessions from Xamarin, our partners, and your local developer community.

After a morning of learning how to build beautiful mobile apps with Xamarin, you’ll get a chance to put your new knowledge into practice with hands-on labs, mini-hacks, and an opportunity to interact with Xamarin experts in your community. We will be there to help you get up and running, debug code, and have fun building mobile apps and experimenting with the latest mobile technology.
Xamarin Dev Days Map

Xamarin Dev Days Near You

Today, we are announcing the first round of Xamarin Dev Days including:

This is just the start for Xamarin Dev Days — we’re adding more cities and want to know where you want us to come next, so head over to the Xamarin Dev Days site to see a list of our planned stops and to request your city if you don’t see it on the list!