When developing, having the right snippets of code handy can give you back a huge part of your day. In this contest, we want you to give us the (GitHub) Gist of your favorite snippets to help your fellow Xamarin developers write amazing mobile apps even faster!

How to Enter:

  1. Create a Gist on GitHub with your favorite code snippet
  2. Tweet your Gist link and name of what your snippet does with hashtags #XamarinGist & #Xamarin
  3. Post your Gist to to this Forum thread
  4. Bonus points: Link a simple sample project that demonstrates your snippet

Need help with a Gist? Click here! Need a Gist template? Try this one:
Snippet Name: iOS Colors
Platform(s): Xamarin.iOS
Function: Hex value to UIColor


Example Use:

Prize: Exclusive long sleeve Xamarin t-shirt!

5 entries will be chosen at random, so the more snippets you submit,
the better your chances of winning

All submissions must be made by Monday, February 23rd at 12pm EST. We will evaluate each snippet based on concept, code quality, and originality. A valid entry consists of a tweet, forum post, and the Gist of your Snippet. All submissions must be unique. Contestants should follow @XamarinHQ to enable us to DM you for private follow-up. There is no purchase necessary to enter the Give Us The Gist of It Contest!