Today we are so happy to announce that the talented group of experts at Clarius Consulting have joined Xamarin to lead our integration with Visual Studio.

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In case you don’t know them, Clarius Consulting are the world’s foremost experts on extending Visual Studio. Daniel Cazzulino and Victor Garcia Aprea are the two founders of Clarius, and their experienced team of developers has spent the last 10 years extending every version of Visual Studio since Visual Studio 2003 for well-known companies around the world, including their largest customer, Microsoft. Their work has included really challenging Visual Studio extensions like IronPython Studio and Debugger Canvas, as well as work for XNA and Microsoft Research.

At Xamarin, supporting Visual Studio users is one of our highest priorities, and having these talented developers on our team will allow us to deliver an even smoother and more sophisticated mobile development experience for all Visual Studio users.

It is my pleasure to welcome Victor, Daniel, and the rest of the Clarius VSX team to Xamarin. You can read Victor’s and Daniel’s thoughts on joining Xamarin. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from them in the future!