Shortly after the launch of Windows Azure Mobile Services, we partnered with Microsoft to bring Mobile Services to iOS and Android developers, enabling developers to easily use Microsoft’s cloud service from a common C# code base.

Azure Mobile Services

Today we’re happy to announce that Xamarin-specific tutorials and samples feature in the portal. This means that the instant you sign-up for a Windows Azure Mobile Services account or free trial, you will have immediate access to a pre-configured Xamarin sample app and Xamarin-specific C# instructions for implementing Azure’s features such as:

  • Data storage and validation in the cloud, where you can easily persist and retrieve your objects with simple asynchronous calls.
  • Authentication services that let you add login functionality in a few lines of code.
  • Push notifications and notification hubs that take the pain out of implementing cross-platform push notifications.

For each of these features, we provide a detailed guide specifically for Xamarin apps, along with working samples that you can download and run. It has never been easier to get started with cloud services, and it’s never been easier to find the resources you need for iOS and Android – right on Microsoft’s Windows Azure website.

Just add component

Once you have an set up your Azure account, simply add the Windows Azure Mobile Services component to your app via the Xamarin Component Store. It provides a simple C# API that lets you access Azure’s features quickly and easily to Xamarin apps. Saving an object to the cloud is as simple this line of code:

await todoTable.InsertAsync(item);

Not only cloud storage

Windows Azure Mobile Services is much more than just cloud data storage. The authentication and push notification features make two traditionally tricky features incredibly simple to include in your apps.

Authentication can be implemented with just a few lines of code – you can even accept Microsoft, Google, Twitter or Facebook logins from your users. Learn more with the new Xamarin iOS and Android tutorials on

await TodoService.DefaultService.LoginAndGetData(this);

The Notifications features let you target single devices or groups of users with push-notifications that work across iOS, Android and Windows Phone – taking the pain out of push messaging by centralising configuration, removing the requirement for you to maintain your own server and letting you push a message without worrying about what type of device your users have. Find out how with the new Xamarin tutorials for iOS and Android on

Learn more…

For an introduction to Windows Azure Mobile Services with Xamarin join me on Tuesday, December 17th for a live webinar at 8am PST/11am EST – register now.