Whether you’re a small startup whose entire business lies within your mobile apps or a large enterprise arming your workforce with productivity tools, the principles of a healthy mobile development culture are the same. Your people, processes, and tools must focus on facilitating continuous learning and rapid iteration as the means to consistently deliver first-class mobile experiences.

Xamarin has leveraged our experience in the field observing demonstrated best practices to develop a model for thinking about your own mobile practices. Justin Raczak, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, will introduce the basics of the index and define characteristics of organizations at various stages of mobile maturity, so you can identify what your organization needs to do to achieve excellence in your mobile efforts. You’ll also learn how organizations everywhere are staying competitive by changing the way they think about mobile development.

Everyone who views the recording, from teams just beginning to explore mobile app testing to those with established test automation practices, will find steps they can take today to begin their journey to mobile excellence.