The recent release of Xamarin 4 includes Xamarin Insights, which makes monitoring your mobile apps easy with everything you need to catch bugs, inspect user behavior, and track events.

In this webinar recording, Product Manager Ian Janicki and Customer Success Engineer Glenn Wester explain how to get started with Xamarin Insights and properly instrument our API so you can utilize its most powerful features, including how to best use the Xamarin Insights dashboard to answer the important questions you have about your app.

In addition to the Q&A at the end of the video, we have also included an extended Q&A, below, covering more of the many questions asked during the webinar.


Do I need to do anything additional for dSYMs when extending my app from iOS to Android?

Nothing additional is needed from Android. Please see this FAQ question for additional info on dSYMs.
Can dSYMs be uploaded automatically when an app is built for publishing?

Yes, this is possible with the Xamarin Studio integration; more info here. If you are not using Xamarin Studio, you can still automate them by following these steps.
How are unhandled exceptions “handled”?

They’re not, but they’re reported through Xamarin Insights.
Is there any way to disable insights tracking remotely without updating the app?

Yes, this can be done. Please see relevant documentation here.
Can you have data upload only on wifi?

Yes. You’ll need to monitor the wifi state then you can disable transmission with the DisableDataTransmission call. See this documentation for more information.
Can you tell us how much this will cost?

Please see our website for more information.
What issue tracking integrations are available?

We integrate with GitHub issues, JIRA, Pivotal Tracker & Visual Studio Online (VSO).
In the Dashboard, how do I see the times in local time instead of UTC?

In the dashboard, you can hover over the blue timestamp above an event list to get the local time (this is your browser’s time, not the end user’s).
How do you distinguish your offering from Google Analytics?

Xamarin Insights is uniquely suited for mobile and the Xamarin Platform. No one else has the same exception coverage.
On the Xamarin Insights events, is it possible to change the date range? For instance, what if I want to see the evolution of my usage over a period of 12 months?

Being able to pick a range is a feature coming soon, but in our current tier coverage the longest amount of retention available is 90 days. Please see our webpage for more information!
I develop apps on a contract basis for many different customers. Is there a way that they can use Xamarin Insights without having to have a subscription?

Our Basic Plan requires a subscription, but our two paid tiers, Business and Enterprise, there no such limitations.
Is there a feature in the dashboard to see/filter the unhandled exceptions?

Yes! On the issues list page, just above the issue list there is a dropdown to filter warnings and crashes. You can filter it here to see just the crashes (unhandled exceptions).
Is there an easy way to export data in Xamarin Insights?

Pulling data out of Xamarin Insights is a feature we’re actively working on. It should be available in some format by the end of Q1 2016.
What type of permission is needed? Do we need to notify our users that we are using Insights?

Xamarin Insights encourages developers to create their own policy that suits their users best; we give no formal recommendation on how to construct a privacy policy. For further reading, please see section 23.2 of our Cloud Services Agreement.
If we pay for the license, can we use the API even if we don’t build an app on Xamarin platform?

Currently we only support customers building apps on the Xamarin Platform. We have plans to expand to all native apps soon.
Is there a limit to the number of apps I can create in Xamarin Insights?

All tiers of Xamarin Insights allow unlimited apps.
In the free edition, users would be shown as guest12345, correct?

You can use the Insights.Identify() call, or any other Insights call regardless of your plan. If you choose to Identify your users with the Basic Plan, you will see those users in the Issue Details page but not in the Users page. If you would like to use the tools used on the Users page, please consider upgrading to our Business plan.
Our app is meant to be offline most of the time. Does this cause an issue with Xamarin Insights?

That’s fine! Xamarin Insights waits to send data to our endpoint until it can find a stable connection.
Is it possible to log Informational and Warning types of log information and not just Exceptions?

Yes. You could do this either with Insights.Track and log whatever information you want, or you could pass in a new Exception with whatever information you wanted as well.
Are there any downsides to using Xamarin Insights on production apps?

No! Xamarin Insights has been running on production apps for over a year now is in a very stable state.