Whether you’re a mobile-only startup looking to turn early adopters into evangelists or a multi-million dollar enterprise mobilizing your workforce, you need to ship the right apps, to the right customer, at the right time. You need users to use your apps, turning downloaders into engaged users. To win mobile users’ loyalty, you have to continuously ship high quality software and continuously listen and learn from your users, giving them features before they know they want them. Mobile isn’t just build, release, and done; it’s a continuous cycle of designing, coding, testing, releasing, monitoring, fixing, and improvement. With the right mobile DevOps processes and the right technology, this “continuous everything” is within reach for any organization and all developers.

In this webinar, Xamarin VP of Product Keith Ballinger discusses:

  • What he learned from his failed startup experience and how you can sidestep common pitfalls to beat your competition
  • How to balance shipping high quality software with speed to market
  • Why agile isn’t enough and how mobile DevOps allows you to release faster
  • How to listen to your users, collect feedback, and prioritize new features to ship better apps
  • How Xamarin Test Cloud and HockeyApp can help any organization get started with mobile DevOps and continuous everything