Try out the latest-and-greatest in mobile development with Xamarin’s Cycle 9 Release Candidate, which features major upgrades to every major component of our platform. We have new features and updates available for everyone across the board: Android, iOS, Mac, Visual Studio, and Xamarin Studio. Kick the tires on new features, test out your apps, and make sure your feedback is heard!

Download Release Candidate for Mac

Download Release Candidate for Windows

If you already have Xamarin installed, you can try out this new RC by switching to the beta updater channel in Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio. Or, if you’re new to Xamarin, you can download, and run, the Unified Installer for Mac and Windows, and then try the new RC out by switching to the beta updater channel in Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio.

Forms Previewer

One of the most time-consuming parts of development is the the build and run cycle, or the time between writing a line of code and seeing it execute. Real-time feedback makes development faster, easier, and more fun for developers. The Xamarin.Forms Previewer renders a live preview of a page side-by-side with the XAML markup, allowing you to see your user interface come to life as you type. With this release, we’re promoting the Xamarin.Forms Previewer feature to stable and bringing many enhancements to it to increase the range of supported controls and XAML constructs.

Xamarin.Forms Previewer

Multiprocess Debugging

Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio now allow you to launch and debug multiple projects at once, giving you the ability to debug, for example, a phone and a companion watch app at the same time. Multiprocess debugging works just like single-project debugging—you can set breakpoints, add watches, view locals, and inspect variables—and will seamlessly jump back and forth between each process.

Xamarin Studio

This RC introduces new features to Xamarin Studio, such as Connected Services and .NET Standard support, but also includes updates to our iOS and Android tooling, including support for debugging iOS extensions and enhanced support for custom controls in the Android designer.

Microsoft Identity

This RC introduces the ability to log in to Xamarin Studio with your Microsoft account. This enables Xamarin Studio to provide you with several benefits, including the ability to provision new Azure App Services with our Connected Services feature and automatic subscription management—no more need to have both a Xamarin account and a Microsoft account!

Connected Services

Xamarin Studio’s new Connected Services feature brings cloud capabilities, such as data storage and authentication with Azure Mobile Apps, to your mobile app with the click of a button. Adding a service to your project will add all required dependencies and any required initialization code to your mobile targets.

The first Connected Service we are providing enables you to connect your mobile app to an Azure App Service backend, providing easy access to authentication, push notifications, and data storage with online/offline sync. This feature also allows you to create a new App Service directly from Xamarin Studio and have it provisioned without having to visit the Azure Portal.

Connected Services

Getting Started Pages

When starting new things, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where exactly to start. In this release, we’ve added new “Getting Started” pages for specific project types that provide quick access to documentation and tasks for each.

Xamarin Studio Getting Started Page

.NET Standard Support

Xamarin Studio can now load projects that target the .NET Standard framework (or .NETPortable,Version=5.0). The Project Options panel for Portable Class Library (PCL) projects allows you to switch back-and-forth between PCL and netstandard code sharing projects.


The NuGet ecosystem is a huge part of the .NET development experience, and the NuGetizer3000 makes it as easy as possible to create your own, with integrated IDE support and build tooling for creating NuGet packages. This includes two new project templates for creating NuGets from PCLS, as well as platform-specific NuGets, such as Plugins for Xamarin. The NuGetizer will automatically generate metadata for you, package the assembly, and output a nupkg with the click of a button.

Getting This Release Candidate

This release candidate (RC0) is comprised of updates on iOS, Android, Visual Studio, and Xamarin Studio, as well as a new version of Mono on Mac OS X. To use RC0 to develop iOS applications in Visual Studio, you’ll need to install RC0 on both your Mac and Windows workstations. You can try it out by switching to the alpha update channels in Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio. Or, simply use our installers to get all of the new builds on Mac and Windows:

Download Release Candidate for Mac

Download Release Candidate for Windows

To help make this next release awesome, please let us know about any issues you encounter by filing a bug. You can also follow along with the latest releases from Xamarin on our release blog.

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