As part of the Xamarin Seminars, last Thursday we had James Clancey present on using popular third party libraries with MonoTouch and Mono for Android. This seminar focused on using the following libraries as part of binding to Objective-C static libraries for MonoTouch;

The seminar also goes through using several .NET libraries with MonoTouch that also work great on Mono for Android.  The libraries shown in this section are;

If you missed the seminar, or want to watch it again to catch something you missed, you can view this talk and any of our previous seminars on our YouTube channel: or you can watch the video below;

As always, you can view the slides in the Xamarin Channel in SlideShare;

[slideshare id=11733329&doc=xaminarthirdpartylibraries-120224065017-phpapp02]

And the code is up on GitHub for you to checkout and download –

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