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Inspired by discussions with thousands of mobile developers building apps for field employees, we released a complete pre-built Field Service App for iPad, Android and Windows RT as part of Xamarin 2.0.

The source code is licensed under Apache 2.0, which allows developers to customize the app for deployment directly to field employees, or to cut and paste useful snippets of code into other mobile apps.  The app is also a great tool for learning cross-platform mobile development best practices.

The Field Service app shows how to set up a project to have shared, cross-platform code that runs on all three platforms and then shows how to create high fidelity, native user experiences that are true to the nature of each device operating system.   Check out this video to see the app in action.

Some of the techniques used in this app include:

  • use of the MVVM pattern to split the core of the app and the presentation layer, which demonstrates how to structure apps to look great on each platform

  • use of the Xamarin.Mobile library to access the camera in a cross-platform way and to improve code sharing on the backend

  • integration of the Signature Pad component from the Xamarin Component Store to collect signatures

  • use of SQLite for storage on Android, iOS and Windows

Increasing field employee productivity is one of the top app use cases in enterprise mobility today.  The most successful field apps are those that embrace BYOD by being available on all major platforms, and that also deliver a great, native user experience.

Download Xamarin today, and go from zero to native cross-platform mobile development in no time with this Xamarin pre-built Field Service App.