March 27, 2012

Using iCloud with MonoTouch Seminar


Last Thursday, we had Craig Dunn from our Xamarin documentation team walk us through how to use iCloud functionality within your MonoTouch applications on iOS 5.0. Craig shows us how set up your devices to use iCloud, how you can use the iCloud Key-Value Storage and iCloud Document Storage functionality of iCloud and general backup information. You can view the full seminar below:

As always, you can view the slides in the Xamarin Channel in SlideShare:

And the code is up on GitHub for you to checkout and download –

The next seminar is on April 5th at 11am EDT with Dean Ellis, a MonoGame core contributor, who will give us an overview of on how you use existing XNA code and knowledge to create your own games for MonoTouch and Mono for Android using MonoGame, register now!

Don’t forget: We are now putting up the meeting registration link and all our previous seminars up on their own page at


February 28, 2012

Register for the March Xamarin Seminars


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With three great Xamarin Seminars out the door, it looks like the series is only going to keep getting better. Today we are announcing topics for our March seminars:

  • Thursday 8th March 2012 at 11am EST – MonoTouch 5.2 with Mike Bluestein
  • Thursday 22nd March 2012 at 11am EDT – Using iCloud with MonoTouch with Craig Dunn

Registration is open for the March Xamarin Seminars via GoToWebinar.

You’ll get an automated reminder the day before and an hour before the event to make sure you don’t miss a moment. You can even join us on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone with their GoToMeeting app.  If you can’t make them, don’t worry, we have putting up all our previous seminars, including code samples and slides on YouTube, SlideShare and GitHub. You can see the previous Xamarin Seminars below:

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