Xamarin has adopted Sketch, a modern vector drawing app for OS X, with great enthusiasm across our organization – so much enthusiasm that we felt compelled to share the love with a brief screencast and an app artwork template to help you produce artwork for your Xamarin apps using Sketch.

Our design team uses Sketch to produce everything from Visual Studio icons to Xamarin Studio feature design; our documentation team uses Sketch to create diagrams for tutorials; our marketing team builds graphics for blog posts; and many of us use Sketch to create artwork for our apps.

One of the reasons Sketch is such a great tool is its ability to share, reuse, and modify others’ designs. For example, a designer can create a sketch containing reusable diagram components, then technical writers can bring these components into their own sketches and modify them to suit their needs. Sites like Sketch Mine have emerged to allow Sketch users to share and remix each other’s designs.

For a faster, simpler way to create your app artwork, get Sketch (Mac App Store or trial), download our template, and check out the screencast!