Salesforce_Logo_2009Watch the webinar: Enterprise Mobile App Success with Salesforce and Xamarin 

Salesforce and Xamarin have made it even easier to put critical Salesforce CRM data into the hands of employees anywhere and on any device.  As part of a major update to the Salesforce Platform Mobile Services—Salesforce’s mBaaS for customer data—we’ve launched a new Salesforce component in the Xamarin Component Store.

If your mobile app needs access to Salesforce customer data, the new Xamarin Salesforce component gives you an easy way to do it.

This component provides a fully-managed, cross-platform library written for C# developers to authenticate users and manipulate customer data on iOS and Android devices.

Specifically you can:

  • Create, Update, and Delete SObjects.

  • Run queries written in SOQL.

  • Conduct Full-text searching via SOSL.

  • Use the same C# API for iOS and Android.

  • Leverage async/await for keeping your UI responsive, and your code simple.

  • Easily create your own strongly-typed domain model classes.

We make it easy to get access to you data with just a few line of code:

The power of Xamarin’s native app capabilities combined with fast access to Salesforce’s CRM data means that C# developers can build enterprise apps that get adopted and truly transform business processes.

To see Salesforce and Xamarin in action, watch the Challenging the Customer Engagement Status Quo with an iPad app video from our Xamarin Evolve developer conference, where Grant Davies from Bluetube, a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner,  shows how Salesforce integration helped transform the field sales experience for Kimberly-Clark.

To get started with Salesforce data in your own apps, download the Salesforce component from the Component Store or from within Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio.