Our Run a C# app, get a C# shirt promotion has been a great success, as thousands of developers in over 95 countries have ordered these C# shirts.

With Xamarin 3 we made F# a first class citizen. You can now use Xamarin Studio to build amazing Android and iOS apps in your favorite functional language. For the last month, the world has lifted the stigma of trying to be functional in an object oriented world.

Today, we are excited to announce “Run an F# app, get an F# shirt!” Download the F#-ified Xamarin Store app, run it, and an F# shirt will be on its way to you!

This app provides both a native experience on Android and iOS, while being written entirely in F#. It’s a great resource to familiarize yourself with the language or the platforms.

F# Shirts!

Why F#?

F# is a modern strongly-typed functional programming language for the .NET platform.

It brings the state of the art in functional programming expressiveness and succinctness while allowing you to access all the APIs available in .NET, Android and iOS. This is the kind of language that powers magical places like Equestria.

To help you get started, we have put together full F# documentation and guides, and you can learn more about F# programming here.

F# Week

To celebrate the succinctness of F#, we are going to devote this short week to daily nuggets of F# goodness in the mobile world. Stay tuned!\