Apple requests that developers in the iOS 7 beta program re-submit their apps using the GM build of iOS 7, which is now available under NDA as part of the iOS 7 beta program. We have just pushed Xamarin.iOS 6.9.7 to our Alpha channel, which contains support for the iOS 7 GM release. Since iOS 7 is not officially out yet, this notice provides instructions that are useful only to developers under Apple’s NDA.

Installing Xamarin.iOS for iOS 7

Due to the fact that Apple’s SDK is still under NDA, you must follow the following steps in order to install Xamarin.iOS for iOS 7:

  • Download and install the iOS 7 GM SDK from Apple’s iOS Developer Center.
  • Install it at the default location (do not change it).
  • Run Xcode once, to allow Xcode to complete its installation.
  • Make sure that you reset the Xcode path to point to /Applications/ in the Xamarin Studio SDK Location preferences.
  • Switch the Xamarin Studio Updater channel to the “Alpha” channel.
  • Install the Xamarin.iOS update.

If you do not have Apple’s iOS 7 SDK installed on your system, you won’t be able to download or install Xamarin.iOS when using the Alpha channel.

Getting Started

After installation, the release notes will open. The release notes contain a link to the API changes from both the previous alpha release of Xamarin.iOS and since the last stable release.