Nokia X Devices

Today, Nokia announced their new Nokia X devices and the new Nokia X software platform, which is built upon the Android Open Source Project V4.1.2 (Level 16) to allow developers to build Xamarin.Android applications targeting Nokia X. Similar to the way we delivered a Google Glass SDK component to give Xamarin developers the ability to build wearable applications with Xamarin.Android, Nokia was able to tap into Xamarin’s first-class support for integrating native APIs, and ship a Xamarin component for their Nokia X SDK on day one.


One example of this is the Nokia MixRadio app, which started its life as a Windows Phone and Windows Store application and using the power of the Xamarin platform, is shipping as a pre-installed app on Nokia X devices. To make the most of their existing applications, they maximised the use of shared code with Portable Class Libraries and the popular third party MVVM library MVVMCross whilst still taking advantage of the Nokia X platform’s nuances and user interface.


If you want to start targeting the Nokia X software platform, make sure to download the Nokia X SDK and read through the environment setup and leverage the native platform by downloading the new Nokia X Components on the Xamarin Component Store, with inclusive sample projects.