Xamarin Dev Days invite you to explore the power of mobile development for iOS, Android, and Windows in C# through free training courses from Xamarin experts and local community members. You’ll also kick start your first mobile project by putting your new knowledge into practice by building a cross-platform, cloud-connected app with Xamarin and Azure in Visual Studio with your developer user group.

This week, we’re pleased to announce several new cities in the Xamarin Dev Days series. Don’t see your city below? Simply follow our step-by-step event guide for getting a community driven, hands-on learning experience in your own neighborhood!
XDD Map 4.10.17
There are Xamarin Dev Days happening all over the world, find one near you below:

Find a local event above or organize your own Xamarin Dev Day today! We’ll provide you with everything you need for a successful event, including speaker decks and demos, a hands-on workshop, and goodies for your attendees.

Additionally, we’re now offering Azure passes to all organizers for their attendees and for those events without sponsors, we can also offer Subway catering support.

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New Xamarin Dev Days cities will be added every few weeks and yours could be next! Head over to the Xamarin Dev Days website to see an up-to-date list of all of the events planned so far for this year.

Want To Support Xamarin Dev Days?

Xamarin Partners and community members from all over the world are helping support the Xamarin Dev Days series and gain the opportunity to network with passionate developers throughout our global community. If your company is interested in participating in an event, apply to sponsor and we’ll help connect you.