The Xamarin documentation team has released new guides and samples adapted from our Evolve Training sessions. Whether you are an Evolve attendee looking to review the great information from the training sessions, or if you didn’t get a chance to attend the training at the conference, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of pages of fresh content.

New and updated guides include:

Activity Lifecycle

An update to the existing Activity Lifecycle guide, featuring a more in-depth look at lifecycle methods, best practices, and a new walkthrough.


A cross-platform guide to background processing that covers the iOS application lifecycle, iOS task and application registration, and Android Services. Includes four walkthroughs.


Properly implement local and remote notifications on iOS and Android.


A brand new guide to implementing touch as well as common and custom gestures on iOS and Android.

Memory and Performance

An introduction to techniques for building efficient and responsive Xamarin applications.

Graphics and Animation

Guides for both Android (Drawable, Canvas API, View and Property Animations) and iOS (Core Graphics and Core Animation), including a new walkthrough.

iOS Maps

An introduction to the MapKit framework, this guide and the accompanying walkthrough delve into several of MapKit’s features, showing how to take advantage of them to build geographic features into an application.

Instruments Walkthrough

Learn how to launch Instruments, take heap snapshots and analyze memory growth.

We’re excited to share these new guides with you, and hope you will find them a great resource in the development process.

– Docs Team