The new Xamarin Studio that shipped with Xamarin 3 sports a great new look, as well as a wealth of new features, making Xamarin Studio one of the finest IDEs around for mobile development.

A Beautiful New Look

When opening Xamarin Studio, users are greeted with an entirely new Welcome Screen, providing easy access to recent projects, Xamarin news and sample projects:


It’s not only the welcome screen that received new design treatment however. The entire IDE has been enhanced with beautiful new icons, making the look and feel really shine on Retina displays.

Vaclav shows off the beautiful new Xamarin Studio.

NuGet Support

Xamarin 3 now comes with first class NuGet support out of the box, made available via the gorgeous new Xamarin Studio NuGet interface.


The integrated NuGet support comes with a variety of features including:

  • Background package installation
  • NuGet packages in project templates
  • Package restore on opening a solution
  • NuGet search syntax support

Additionally, the NuGet support is well intergrated throughout Xamarin Studio in places such as the Solution Pad and through integration with Xamarin Studio’s unified search.

Design Native User Interfaces

With the introduction of Xamarin Designer for iOS, developers now have the full power to create native UIs for iOS and Android directly inside of Xamarin Studio.

Xamarin Designer for iOS and packed with amazing features such as support for native storyboards, intuitive control naming and event wire-up, and custom control rendering. Designer support for iOS complements perfectly the Xamarin Designer for Android that we’ve been shipping with Xamarin Studio for over 2 years, itself packed an amazing native editing features, including multi-resolution editing, testing layouts on multiple orientations and themes.

Shared Projects

Shared Projects Xamarin StudioIn Visual Studio 2013 Update 2, Microsoft introduced a new simpler way of of sharing code between multiple projects with a new project style called Shared Projects. Xamarin loves the way that Shared Projects enable code-sharing to work as straight forward as it should, and Xamarin Studio provides first-class support for Shared Projects by enabling developers to add new Shared Projects to any solution by right-clicking the solution explorer, or through the File -> New Project menu.

.NET BCL Documentation

Thanks to our friends at Microsoft, we are pleased to now offer integration with the .NET Base Class library documentation directly from inside Xamarin Studio.


F# Support

The increasingly popular F# programming language is now built into Xamarin Studio, making F# available as a first class citizen to iOS and Android developers.

F# Xamarin Studio

All this plus many other new features such as Source Code Analysis, iOS Asset Catalog, enhanced version control, and so much more are now available in Xamarin Studio, making it a pleasure to develop with. Be sure to read our Xamarin Studio release notes to see all of the great new additions.

Learn more

To get a hands on with Xamarin Studio, be sure to attend our live webinar on developing and designing native mobile apps in Xamarin Studio on June, 17th 2014 at 8AM PDT.