The first Xamarin Seminar of December delivers an in-depth presentation from first time Xamarin Seminar presenter Stuart Lodge talking about all things MVVMCross.

An introduction to one approach for using dependency injection, unit testing and MVVM in cross-platform mobile C# development with Stuart Lodge.

You can view the full seminar below:

As always, you can view the slides in the Xamarin Channel in SlideShare and below:

[slideshare id=15621659&doc=whatismvvmcross-121213075213-phpapp02]

On December 20th, we’ll be publishing a Xamarin Seminar on Days Until Xmas from WP7 to iOS to Windows 8 with myself, ChrisNTR. To be entered for a chance to win a Xamarin monkey, send in your questions via or tweet us @xamarinhq and the best question will win.