We’re happy to announce that PixelCut’s PaintCode now comes with C# support!

PaintCode is a Mac desktop app that lets you literally draw your code: you create shapes, edit the stroke, fill, and gradient, and manipulate the resulting image as much as you’d like. Best of all, PaintCode now generates clean C# code (as well as Objective-C) that you can copy and paste directly into your application. No more calculating coordinates, no more looking up color codes. PaintCode does all the work for you. Better yet, PaintCode allows the text on your images to be dynamic, letting you create versatile images like calendar icons with changing dates or tags with rotating labels.

PaintCode makes a tedious job into a simple and enjoyable process, and is the perfect companion for Xamarin.

To help you get started with PaintCode and Xamarin, we have created a quick Introduction to PaintCode for Xamarin screencast that covers the basics of the PaintCode environment, and demonstrates some of the amazing features PaintCode has to offer.

To get started with PaintCode now, find it in the Mac App Store, or visit the PaintCode app website. Stop writing and start drawing!