Join me on Thursday, September 21 at 9 am PST for my upcoming webinar on using UrhoSharp 3D with Xamarin Workbooks, which combines what I like most: graphics programming and helping developers build better apps.


I love how graphics programming allows you to visualize something in your mind, and then see it on the computer screen. About 10 years ago, I was heavy into 3D programming in the Windows Presentation Foundation, and I had one of those visions: I saw a little two-lane highway in the form of a Möbius strip, with cars driving on the top, bottom, and sides. It looked great in my imagination, but I never found the time to code it.

Lately, I’ve been exploring UrhoSharp, Xamarin’s C# wrapper for the open-source Urho3D graphics programming framework, and the Möbius mental image came back. This time, I was determined to make it real.

Since I knew the math would be tricky, I needed a programming environment that made it easy to experiment and play around with my code. Xamarin Workbooks gave me exactly what I wanted; an immediate and interactive experience, where I simply type C# code into Workbooks and see the results on the screen.

With UrhoSharp and Xamarin Workbooks, my vision and my code came together:

Charles Petzold's Möbius car track

I’ll show you how to write the code to do this, share my advice for getting started, and I (and other Xamarin University instructors and mobile experts) will answer your questions.

Register now and join me on Thursday, September 21 at 9 am PST for a Möbiusly graphical 3D experience!
We encourage all registrants to attend the webinar live, as we will be answering questions throughout the event. However, we will share recordings with registrants after the session, so sign up even if you’re unable to join us at the scheduled time.