Xamarin Test Cloud LogoToday we are proud to announce the public launch of Xamarin Test Cloud, with over 1,000 real devices available to help you build better apps, and ensure they work on each one.

The state of mobile testing today is primitive. Last month we ran a survey that found that nearly 80% of mobile developers are relying primarily on manual testing in their attempts to deliver great app experiences. And yet, more than 75% told us that the quality of their mobile apps is either “very important” or “mission critical.”

Continuous testing with Xamarin Test CloudWe created Xamarin Test Cloud to solve this problem. We believe that testing is not something you should do at the end of the development cycle, just before submitting to the app store. Instead, your app should be continuously tested during development in an automated, scalable way. Your developers should be writing user interface tests as they develop the app, and commits shouldn’t be merged until the tests pass.

Once you have an automated test suite, even a simple one, you can easily verify that your app works on the hundreds of device variants in use by your customers, before you ship the app to them.

Doing this on your own is expensive and difficult. It’s simply impractical for developers to purchase hundreds of devices themselves, manage a giant device library, ensure coverage with every test run, and merge test results from large-scale tests performed multiple times per day.

With Xamarin Test Cloud, you can create your own test scripts using our powerful testing framework, run them locally against emulators or devices, and then press a button to run the same tests on as many devices as you would like in the cloud. We even integrate with CI systems like Jenkins and TFS, so that your tests run automatically.

We know that Xamarin Test Cloud is the best mobile QA tool available on the market, with one of the most trusted support teams in the industry, and we are excited to make it available to all mobile teams today. But you don’t have to take our word for it – check out what other developers are saying below.

If you’re interested in learning more about Xamarin Test Cloud, I invite you to join me for a webinar on Tuesday, September 30th, at 10am PDT.

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“Xamarin Test Cloud helped us identify and fix critical device-specific issues in the latest release of Foursquare before we released.”

— Mike Singleton, Software Engineer at Foursquare

“Xamarin Test Cloud is our path to a low maintenance, high quality and regression-free future. Not only is the product strikingly effective, but the team has been amazing — with their help we’ve seen immediate value from our investment. We’re excited about where this can take our team and product.”

— Sean Beausoleil, Mailbox Engineering Lead at Dropbox

Flipboard Logo“As a QA Engineer, I’m really enjoying Xamarin Test Cloud because it offers me a broad range of Android and iOS devices. It gives me the ability to have more test coverage and discover issues sooner. It’s particularly helpful that Xamarin offers exceptional service and support that I can depend on every day.”

— Derrick Lam, QA Engineer at Flipboard

Expensify logo“Xamarin Test Cloud helps us ensure that critical features of Expensify look and perform great on every Android device imaginable.”

— Tom Jacobs, Software Engineer at Expensify

Trello Logo“Xamarin Test Cloud has helped us catch important bugs in challenging scenarios, and to ensure they never occur again.”

— Hamid Palo, Android Team Lead at Trello

ebay classified group logo“Xamarin’s Calabash framework, and their Xamarin Test Cloud, plays a fundamental role in our continued effort to maintain the highest possible quality of our products and also in securing a short time-to-market. Our test setup takes care of most of the tedious work doing regression tests and gives our team quick feedback, while helping us delivering new features at a fast predictive speed. Whenever we have encountered problems, the Xamarin service and support has been excellent.”

— Niels Frydenholm, Software Architect at eBay Classifieds