In case you missed the news, Visual Studio 2017 was launched yesterday, along with Preview 4 of Visual Studio for Mac. This release is full of new features and productivity improvements to make developers lives easier, along with tons of new features for Xamarin developers. We can’t wait for people to try them out, so Xamarin University is delivering free training from the Channel 9 studios to show off some of the fantastic improvements to the mobile development experience.

We’re kicking off the day of free training with few of our Xamarin University trainers at 8:00 AM PST today, March 8, and would love for you to join us live at We’ll be covering lots of topics, including:

  • Building native iOS, Android, and Windows apps in C# with Visual Studio. See how easy it is to start building mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows using C# and Visual Studio 2017. We’ll quickly check out different ways to share code between our target platforms and see how Xamarin simplifies the programming model to make it easier for developers to jump onto the mobile bandwagon.
  • Visualize and debug your live application with Xamarin Inspector and Workbooks. Next, we’ll use Xamarin Workbooks as a collaborative tool to explore C# and application features, and to prototype new applications with full documentation. Then we’ll use the Xamarin Inspector to help us to understand the logical vs. visual tree when styling our Xamarin.Forms applications.
  • Analyze and optimize your mobile application with the Visual Studio and Xamarin Profilers. Diagnosing memory issues in your mobile applications can be tricky, so come watch this session to see techniques on using the Xamarin Profiler to identify potential issues and how to fix them in your applications before your users hit them.
  • Create and deploy automated UI tests with Xamarin Test Recorder. This final mobile session will show you how to automate your UI tests with Xamarin UI Test. We’ll look at how to construct tests manually, and then use Xamarin Test Recorder to create your UI tests with your mobile application.

We’ll also have a live Q&A to answer your questions, so make sure to watch the broadcast and see some of the exciting features available in the toolset!