Over the next couple of months, Xamarin University will be hosting some exciting new Guest Lectures, which are essentially live webinars given by notable speakers in the community. These sessions are only available to Xamarin University students, so don’t miss your opportunity to attend these informative talks—sign up for a Xamarin University subscription or register for a 30-day free trial today!
 Martijn Van Dijk
MvvmCross 5.0 Explained | August 2
: Learn about MvvmCross, one of the leading frameworks for Xamarin applications. The team has recently shipped their newest version and Martijn van Dijk, Xamarin MVP and maintainer of MvvmCross, will walk us through what’s new in MvvmCross 5.0 and show you how to use it in your Xamarin applications. Sign up »
Brian LagunasNavigating an MVVM Xamarin.Forms App with Prism | August 21: Join Brian Lagunas, XAML Product Manager and Microsoft/Xamarin MVP, in this deep dive session on using the navigation features of Prism for Xamarin.Forms. Discover how to simplify the navigation code in your ViewModel to just one line of code. Not only will you learn how to navigate from one page to another, you’ll also learn how to pass parameters, cancel navigation, clean up your ViewModels, respond to the Sleep and Resume application lifecycle events, deep link in to your application, and much more. Sign up »
Mike GeigIntroduction to Game Development with Unity | August 24: Learn how to create amazing games in Visual Studio using C#, and publish them on iOS, Android, and Windows with Mike Geig, Technical Evangelist at Unity3D. Explore the world of game development by uncovering the skills needed to begin using the Unity game engine, and look at various components of the interface as well as how they work together to give you a rich and powerful toolset. You’ll also see how to mix art and code together to create interactivity and gameplay. Topics discussed will include the editor, scripting, animation, physics, and lighting. Sign up »
Matthew RobbinsIntroduction to Roslyn | September 7: Dive into Microsoft’s Roslyn Compiler with Matthew Robbins, Microsoft and Xamarin MVP and creator of MFractor, a productivity add-in for Visual Studio for Mac. Learn all about Roslyn by writing your own C# analyzers and code actions, plus discover the core architecture of Roslyn, how to write a code diagnostic to analyze source code, and how to write a code action to generate source code. Sign up »
In addition to Lightning Lectures, Self-Guided Learning, and two introductory courses that can count towards your Xamarin Mobile Certification, Xamarin University students and trials also have access to all of our previous Guest Lectures, so if you haven’t already, be sure to also check out these recordings on a variety topics brought to you by industry luminaries!