Howdy, partner. Do you fancy yourself a C# sharpshooter? Do you reckon that you’re the best programmer in the posse? If you think you’ve got what it takes to build the best mobile app this side of the Mississippi, then you can test your skill by joining the Xamarin Developer Showdown, our new mobile app development contest.

The last codeslinger standing will ride off into the sunset with some awesome loot. Much like the classic gunfights of the Old West, the Xamarin Developer Showdown is intended to be a test of courage and skill. Unlike a gunfight, the only thing that will get shot down if you lose is your pride.

Xamarin.Mobile Reloaded

For our first-ever Developer Showdown, we’re going to test your marksmanship with Xamarin.Mobile—our cross-platform library that provides access to mobile device capabilities such as determining the user’s location, taking photos with a built-in camera, and accessing the system address book.

The aim of Xamarin.Mobile is to increase the amount of code that developers can share across platforms. When accessing the camera, for example, developers can code to a single Xamarin.Mobile API that will work for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms instead of writing platform-specific code for each operating system.

We’ve reloaded Xamarin.Mobile with a great update that brings support for the latest versions of iOS, Android, and the Windows platforms—including Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, which are so new that the Microsoft logo on ‘em is still hot from the branding iron. When it comes to supporting major platform updates, we’re quick to draw and always hit our target.

We’re launching our new version of Xamarin.Mobile here at Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference. We’re at BUILD this week to hang out with the .NET community and show off some of the great things that people are building with Xamarin. If you’re at the conference, consider visiting our booth (VS7) to say hello and see Xamarin.Mobile in action! We’ve got a whole bunch of friendly plush Xamarin monkeys here that want to be adopted. You can bring one home with you to be your coding companion.

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