The modern app developer faces a challenge when it comes to developing the high quality graphics required to build exciting and engaging user interfaces: because of the various screen sizes and resolutions across devices in a given OS, multiple copies of each graphic asset have to be created, implemented, and maintained.

This is especially true when dealing with cross-platform development, which not only increases the number of assets, but requires different techniques to implement on each OS. We launched SkiaSharp in February of last year to address these issues.

SkiaSharp offers developers a cross-platform, high-performance 2D API for .NET, available across mobile, desktops, and servers. It’s powered by Google’s Skia library, the same library that powers Google Chrome, Firefox, and Android’s graphic stacks.

SkiaSharp is great for developing cross-platform, pixel-perfect, resolution independent graphic assets, but requires that the developer design the graphic as code, which why we’re launching Kimono Designer for macOS today.

Kimono Designer allows a developer or graphic artist to graphically edit SkiaSharp based graphic objects, that can be converted to code and included in any cross-platform language and OS that SkiaSharp supports.

Check out the Kimono Designer Preview

Kimono Designer provides several key features that make it the perfect tool for designing SkiaSharp graphics, including:

  • Groups with Boolean Operations and Masks
  • Named Color Palettes
  • A Visual Gradient Editor
  • Named Styles
  • Linked Properties
  • A built in scripting language with Script Libraries
  • Portfolios, containing multiple Sketches

Shows the main Kimono Designer User Interface

Consuming Kimono Assets

As the sketch is designed and edited, source code will be generated for the requested operating system, language, and support library:

Shows an example of the code generation from Kimono Designer

The developer can include this code directly, or embed the portfolio in their app project and use the cross-platform KimonoCore library to consume it.

The Future

While the editor is currently implemented in Xamarin.Mac and only runs on macOS, the project was designed to be built cross-platform. It’s hoped that the front end will be ported to other platforms such as Windows UWP, iOS for iPad, and for Android tablets.

Kimono Designer is a work in progress, and as such, still has some rough areas and missing features (such as copy and paste), which is why we’re sharing it with our community today! Feel free to check out the GitHub repository at