The rise of smartphones and changing user behavior over the past seven years have forced organizations to start delivering more and more mobile solutions, with apps a big part of this. There are unique challenges when it comes to enterprise mobile app delivery, however. The ecosystem is fragmented, yet users continue to have high expectations. It’s the “age of the customer” as Forrester puts it, and enterprises need to not only live up to their expectations but exceed them in order to stay competitive.

“After an unsatisfactory experience with a mobile business app, 65% of users will abandon the app after two or fewer uses and 8% will abandon immediately.”
–Xamarin Mobile Business User Survey, 2015

Speed, quality, and continuous iteration are critical to the success of mobile apps, no matter if the audience is comprised of customers, internal employees, or business partners. DevOps can provide an efficient way to embrace this complex ecosystem and streamline mobile app delivery for building, testing, and continuously iterating. The concept of DevOps is not new, and companies have been implementing it for a few years now, but how do you take this to the mobile world and address the unique requirements there?

Download our Mobile DevOps Overview whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The unique challenges of enterprise mobile app delivery
  • Why you should consider implementing DevOps in your mobile lifecycle
  • The challenges with applying DevOps to mobile
  • How to implement DevOps in the mobile lifecycle and be successful with it
    • Why starting with people and culture is critical
    • Creating a living, breathing plan that you can constantly update based on market changes and user feedback
    • Being smart and efficient about how you build your apps
    • Taking into account all of the integrations that mobile apps have and planning ahead for easy scalability
    • Treating testing as an enabler of DevOps and not a bottleneck
    • Continuously iterating to keep up the quality of the apps, and keep users engaged


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