tts_icon_largeOver the last few weeks, you might have seen a flurry of Plugins for Xamarin launching on NuGet and open sourced on GitHub. We have been working hard to kickstart Plugins and make it extremely easy for anyone to get started creating a Plugin for Xamarin.

What is a Plugin?

device_info_iconA Plugin for Xamarin is a special kind of NuGet that adds cross-platform functionality or abstracts platform specific functionality to a common API. These are both completely cross-platform and extremely small (i.e., they do 1 or 2 things really well with minimal-to-no dependencies). The Plugin API can be accessed on each platform, however, you will most likely only use the common API in a Portable Class Library or Shared Code project.


Build a Plugin for Xamarin or Xamarin.Forms to add powerful cross-platform functionality with a common API. We have the tools to get you going, including full Visual Studio Project and Item Templates and plenty of source code examples of existing Plugins on GitHub.

How to Enter

  1. Create a new Plugin for Xamarin that provides unique functionality
  2. Open source your Plugin under an app-store friendly OSS license (we like MIT)
  3. Upload your Plugin to NuGet with Documentation
  4. Follow the naming convention of: “FEATURE_NAME Plugin for Xamarin” for your NuGet
  5. Once published post a #PluginForXamarin tweet, like this:
    I just shipped PLUGIN_NAME #PluginForXamarin NUGET_URL!


Each developer that completes and publishes a new valid Plugin for Xamarin or Xamarin.Forms will receive an Amazing and Exclusive Xamarin Swag Bag including a Xamarin Power Supply, Charles Petzold’s new Xamarin.Forms Book, a Xamarin Shirt, Embossed Notebook, and more! Our favorite Plugins will also be featured on

Today’s Plugins

Take a look at a few Plugins that already exist today to integrate into your project or see how they are structured:

Plugin Ideas

There are endless possibilities for potential Plugins, but here are few ideas to get you started.

  • Camera
  • Compass
  • Contacts
  • Dialogs & Notifications
  • File Transfer
  • Media Playback (audio)
  • Media Capture (audio, images, and video)

Rules & Regulations

All submissions must be made by January 5th, 2015 at 8am EDT. A valid Plugin for Xamarin adds functionality that does not exist in a current Plugin that has been published. All Plugins will go through a review process and considerations will include functionality, code quality, and reliability.

Jump Start Development

Tomorrow, Friday, December 19th at 9AM PST we invite you to join us for a live Google+ Hangout covering all the tools and concepts for creating a Plugin for Xamarin.

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