In 2013, we launched the Xamarin Component Store as a central location to find a rich ecosystem of UI controls and plugins for Xamarin developers targeting iOS and Android. Since then, the broader .NET ecosystem has grown at an astounding rate, hosting tens of thousands of packaged .NET libraries in the NuGet Gallery.

Today, we’re sharing our plans to sunset the Xamarin Component Store to align with the path the rest of the .NET ecosystem is taking.

This will not break currently deployed apps; however, we recommend developers start to migrate projects to use NuGet packages. To assist with this, we’ve published a detailed guide for migrating from components to NuGet packages. Most popular components are already on NuGet, so the vast majority of developers should have a smooth migration path.


In the upcoming releases of Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio for Mac, both of which are currently available in preview, the Xamarin Component Store is only visible in the IDE for developers whose projects are currently using Xamarin Components in their apps.

Over the course of 2018, we’ll update, as well as Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac, to redirect developers to download components from NuGet, or to contact their component vendor directly if a NuGet alternative is not available. We will continue to make current component versions available for a period of time, so developers presently dependent on components don’t experience breaking changes.

Next Steps

  • Starting today, we recommend developers start to migrate from components to NuGet packages.
  • Component authors are encouraged to publish their work on NuGet. NuGet is well documented and can be targeted with NuGet Projects.
  • For commercially packaged Xamarin Components, vendors may make components available for direct download. Look out for news from authors of paid components you may have purchased.


We appreciate the contribution that component publishers have made to the Xamarin ecosystem, and look forward to continued growth on NuGet. If you have further questions, comments, or feedback, please ask on the forums.