Xamarin developers have been coding the dream: crafting a single, shared codebase to target the multi-device world we live in. Here at Xamarin, we’re excited about the recent release of the Universal Windows Platform, and we know that both Xamarin and Windows Phone developers are excited about the improvements introduced in Windows 10.

Xamarin Heart Windows

To help usher in this new era, Xamarin would like to welcome Windows Phone developers to the family with a special offer this August:

Free, community-supported subscriptions of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, including our Visual Studio extensions, for personal use.

If you’re a published independent Windows Phone developer and haven’t taken the plunge into native, cross-platform mobile development with C#, there has never been a better time than now to get started. To apply, simply fill out this short form sharing the details of your Windows Phone app published on or before August 17th, 2015:

This offer has expired.

This offer is limited to independent Windows Phone developers, so no more than one subscription will be granted to any given publisher. Don’t delay! This offer expires August 31st, 2015.