Since the beginning of time, Microsoft MVPs have longed to bring their talents to the iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft_MVP_logoYesterday we released Xamarin 2.0 with full support for Visual Studio. Now, these creatures that exhibit such a tight symbiotic relationship with most powerful IDE that humanity has created, can blend their deep knowledge of LINQ and Task Parallel Libraries with the delights of Android activities and iOS View Controllers.

Today, we go where no startup has gone before: For a limited time, we are offering every Microsoft MVP a free copy of Xamarin Business edition for both iOS and Android (which you may know from Twitter as MonoTouch and MonoDroid) for personal use. This is a value of $1,800 dollars for free, just for being pillars of the developer community.

To get the goods, simply send us a private message on our forums that includes a link to your MVP profile before the end of February. Use the link below to send us the private message:

Note: we have also reserved a limited number of discounted tickets to Xamarin Evolve 2013 for Microsoft MVPs. Put “Send me to Evolve” in your forum message if you’re interested.