We’re so excited to announce that Dropbox’s recently released Sync API is now available in the Xamarin Component Store, and that Dropbox is sponsoring Xamarin Evolve 2013, our worldwide developer conference beginning April 14 in Austin. Rumor has it that there will be some tantalizing Dropbox giveaways at Evolve…

The Dropbox Sync API allows developers to add full Dropbox sync functionality to their iOS and Android apps with a few simple lines of code. The Sync API manages user authentication, caching, retrying, asynchronous writes, offline access, and file change notifications, letting developers code in terms of basic local file operations while Dropbox does the dirty work of syncing files to the cloud.

Just as Dropbox takes the pain out of syncing files, the Xamarin Component Store takes the pain out of integrating third-party software with your apps. All it takes is one click to add the Dropbox Sync component and a full-fledged Dropbox client to your Xamarin app.

Download the free component now, then run the included sample app, or follow the instructions to add sync to your own apps today. iOS compatibility is available now, and Android will be supported shortly.