Yesterday, we put the spotlight on our beacons partners and today we’re inviting you to put on your creativity hat and dive into the world of context.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are small pieces of hardware that use Bluetooth technology to transmit signals to mobile devices, allowing developers to create context-aware apps. Our Component Store partners make it easy to build apps that detect beacon signals and can act accordingly, sending push notifications, coupons, or other information to a central database.


The bottom line: beacon potential is everywhere, from simple life productivity hacks to innovative business improvements. Share a picture, video, or brief description of something you think should be beacon-enabled – however practical or impractical – and we’ll award prizes to our favorite ideas.

How to Enter:

  • Submit your idea, including why it’s “beggin’ for a Beacon,” using a written description, video, and/or photos
  • Tweet your idea to @xamarinHQ with the hashtag #BeaconPotential
  • Bonus points: link to your blog about your Beacon idea for the contest!

Example Tweet:

Always losin’ Fido. @XamarinHQ #BeaconPotential
Whiskey, Xamarin Office Dog


Most Creative Idea wins a Xamarin + Beacons extravaganza!

  • BKON hardware
  • MobStac swag and Rasberry Pi 2 kits
  • Estimotes beacon devkit & assorted swag
  • Xamarin swag

Real Potential

Do you have the next Fido finder app in the works? We’re on the lookout for submissions that have real potential! One submission will be eligible for a special prize from our beacons partners.

Special Prize:

Special prize for one lucky contestant whose submission has the most real-world applicability: our beacons partners are offering a 1:1 mentorship session to share their expertise. They will guide you through best practices for context-aware apps to help get your app off the ground – and provide beacon hardware to get you up and running.

Rules and Regulations:

All entries must be submitted by April 6th at 12pm EST. A valid entry is a tweet that highlights a unique, creative and useful Beacon use case and includes both @xamarinhq and the hashtag #BeaconPotential. We will review and evaluate your submissions based on a variety of factors, including creativity and number of likes, retweets, and shares. Contestants should follow @XamarinHQ to enable us to DM you for private follow-up if you win a prize. This contest is open to individuals and there is no purchase necessary to enter.