At Xamarin, we pride ourselves on creating and providing great educational tools for developers. Between our extensive developer center, and the interactive classes at Xamarin University, there’s no limit to the knowledge you can obtain. We want every Xamarin developer everywhere to succeed at creating amazing apps, even those who haven’t yet realized that they are Xamarin developers!

With this in mind, our documentation team recently launched a new getting started guide, offering steps to quickly go from zero to mobile. Following the guide will help you set up your development environment and use the Xamarin Live Player to launch an application on your device. Check out the recent Xamarin Show with me and James to hear all about the new documentation:

With the holiday season upon us, and 2018 just around the corner, we want to give everyone the opportunity to start the new year by achieving (at least) one of your resolutions. In this contest, we invite you to try our new Getting Started Guide, share it with your friends on Twitter, and have the opportunity to continue your Xamarin education by winning a three-month subscription to Xamarin University!

How to Enter

Follow the steps below to enter the contest:

  1. Follow the Getting Started walkthrough from begining to end.
  2. Once you finish the last step, change the text of a Button or Label to your twitter handle.
  3. Take a screenshot of the XAML page running live on your device.
  4. Tweet your screenshot, with a link to the documentation (, along with the hashtags  #GettingStarted and #Xamarin.

BONUS: Create something awesome!

  1. Use your creative skills to edit the XAML page and make your submission stand out for a chance to win a Xamarin Goodie Bag!

Sample tweet:


All submissions must be made by Sunday, December 31 at 12:00 PM EST. Five valid entries will be selected at random each week to win a three-month Xamarin University subscription. A valid entry consists of:

  1. A tweet containing the hashtags “#GettingStarted” AND “#Xamarin”.
  2. Along with a screenshot of your XAML page running live on your device.
  3. And a link to ““.
  4. Every entry submitted must be unique from any previous or future entries.

In addition to the five winners chosen each week, an additional three submissions for “Most Creative” will be selected from all entries to win a Xamarin Goodie Bag. These three selected winners will be evaluated based on the uniqueness and creativity of their contest entry. The “Most Creative” winners will receive a Xamarin Goodie Bag, in addition to a three-month Xamarin University subscription. You can submit as many entries as you like. To be eligible, you must follow @XamarinEvents to enable a Direct Message for private follow-up. Please allow up to four weeks to validate entries. There is no purchase necessary to enter the “Get Started with Xamarin” contest.

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