Now that every developer has access to Xamarin to develop iOS and Android applications in C# and Visual Studio, we want to make sure our community is on the right foot to scale with the growing interest and demand in mobile .NET development. As Director of Customer Support at Xamarin, it’s my pleasure to announce to you some exciting changes to the way that we engage the Xamarin developer community.

To empower developers to get the answers they’re looking for, my team of 16 expert mobile developers are going to begin supporting the Xamarin developer community online. We’ll be focusing our efforts on ‘xamarin’ tagged questions on Stack Overflow, and we invite our Xamarin developer community to join us there to help new and old Xamarin developers alike.

Stack Overflow Logo

Stack Overflow is the best place for developers everywhere to get help with all sorts of issues and technical challenges. At the same time, Xamarin has grown an amazing developer community in our forums. In order to make it easy for developers to find technical help while enabling our community to grow online, I’d like to share some recommendations, inspired by Stack Overflow.

  • “How do I…?”: Use Stack Overflow. If you have a tricky implementation question for your app, then post a question on Stack Overflow about it.
  • “I got this error, why?”: Use Stack Overflow. One common challenge is trying to figure out what an error message means or how to interpret it, Stack Overflow developers will guide you in the right direction.
  • “I got this error and I’m sure it’s a bug”: Get an issue filed on our bug site and the engineering team will look into it.
  • “I have an idea/request”: You can file a non-painful bug on our bug site but it might be best to share this on our UserVoice page so the developer community can see and vote on these ideas and requests.
  • “Why do you…?”: You should start up a conversation on this on our developer forums.
  • “When will you…?”: Another great question, the forums is still the place for this!

If you have a current Business or Enterprise Xamarin license then nothing is changing there—you’ll still get Xamarin Support via the normal email channels. Also, while Visual Studio customers will be able to go through the usual Microsoft Support channels, we’d strongly recommend everyone try out the online communities mentioned above first to find help even faster.


To kick start the move over to Stack Overflow, we’ll be giving away five DJI Phantom 4 drones to the top five answerers on the xamarin tag in the 30 days leading up to May 4, 2016 and a Microsoft Band for the 6th to 10th places. You can view the current list of unanswered questions here throughout the contest. This will give you the next month to work your way to the top by getting votes for your answers on the site. Remember, Stack Overflow is just another community for Xamarin developers, so keep it fair and friendly and focus on helping other Xamarin developers!

Start answering now!

Rules and Regulations

We’ll take the list of top answerers from Stack Overflow,which orders these answerers by number of votes for questions answered, at 6:00 pm PT on May 4, 2016. We will select the top ten answerers, after removing Xamarin and Microsoft employees. We’ll connect with the winners via the listed Twitter or website address on their profile page, so please make sure your profile is correctly updated on Stack Overflow and that you’re following us on Twitter to enable Direct Messages before the end date above. This contest is open to individuals and there is no purchase necessary to enter.