New Preview: Xamarin Inspector

Miguel de Icaza November 4, 2015 Xamarin Platform

Today, I’m happy to announce the first preview release of the Xamarin Inspector for iOS, Android, Mac, and WPF applications. This is an early preview of a new tool that […]

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Don’t delay: Try RC1 today!

Miguel de Icaza October 30, 2015 Xamarin Platform

Thanks to your participation in our new Release Candidate process, we’ve made some major improvements to our next major upcoming release, which includes our new and improved iOS integration in Visual Studio. We’re proud to share many of those improvements with you today in Release Candidate 1. RC1 has a significantly reduced number of known […]

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Mix Some Marshmallow Into Your Android Apps

Miguel de Icaza October 8, 2015 Android

Today we are releasing our latest update to Xamarin.Android, featuring support for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Android Marshmallow adds several new features for Android developers to integrate into their apps, including the […]

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Be First To Try Our New Release Candidate

Miguel de Icaza October 6, 2015 Xamarin Platform

To keep pace with the rapid evolution of iOS, Android, and our own mobile innovations, we publish many updates to Xamarin over the course of the year. As Xamarin has grown, […]

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Visual Studio with iOS

Xamarin for iOS 9: Search Deeper

Miguel de Icaza September 16, 2015 iOS, Xamarin Platform

It’s an exciting week for iOS developers with the release of the iOS 9.0 GM to all iPhone and iPad users. We’re happy to announce the official release of Xamarin.iOS […]

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Now Playing: iOS 9, Up Next: tvOS

Miguel de Icaza September 10, 2015 iOS

Yesterday was a big day for Apple announcements. Beyond new iPhones and bigger iPads, the big news for many developers was the new Apple TV that will be joining the […]

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watchOS 2: Preview and Updates

Miguel de Icaza September 7, 2015 iOS, Xamarin Platform

At WWDC 2015, Apple announced that watchOS 2 would be released to Apple Watch owners this fall. While the initial release of WatchKit in iOS 8 only supported Watch apps […]

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Xamarin on Apple Watch

Same Day Xamarin Support for Visual Studio 2015

Miguel de Icaza July 20, 2015 Xamarin Platform

Today, Microsoft is unveiling the final release of Visual Studio 2015 in a global webcast, and we are joining the celebration! Now Released to Market (RTM) for full use in […]

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iOS 9 Preview Now Available

Miguel de Icaza July 1, 2015 iOS, Xamarin Platform

We’re excited to announce that we have just published our first iOS 9 API preview release in Xamarin.iOS. This preview includes support for an array of exciting new features that […]

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Android M Preview Now Available

Miguel de Icaza June 23, 2015 Android, Xamarin Platform

Today, we’re excited to announce the preview release of Xamarin.Android featuring support for Android M’s developer preview. Android M is an exciting release, that introduces several new features for Android […]

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Marshmallow Android
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