Enterprise mobile application developers spend a significant amount of time today building identity management capabilities into their mobile apps – just to enable authentication against existing identity infrastructure, such as Active Directory and LDAP.

Learn about the challenges associated with building identity into mobile apps and how to use the new Symplified Mobile Developer SDK component for Xamarin to easily authenticate users into your mobile apps using Symplified, or other identity providers (IdP).

David Hathaway, Enterprise Customer Success Engineer at Xamarin, and Mike Gile, Mobile Strategy & Development at Symplified, provide an excellent technical overview of the new Symplified Mobile Developer SDK component in the Xamarin Component Store.

Links to the recording, slides, and code are below. Thank you to all the live attendees, there are some great questions at the end of the recording.

View a recording of the webinar at:

Slides from the webinar:

The Xamarin Symplified Mobile Identity Management SDK component:

Github repo for Symplified Mobile Developer SDK:

Symplified Mobile Developer SDK Datasheet:

Symplified Mobile Developer SDK web page:

IRC (Freenode #symplified):

Symplified Google Group: