George Banfill from Linknode gave us an overview of VentusAR.  Utilizing the Xamarin platform and MonoGame, they have created a unique augmented reality (AR) experience to visualize what wind farms would look from a location.  VentusAR heavily utilizes native features in iPads and Android tablets to access the GPS, accelerometer, compass, and live camera feed to superimpose virtual turbines on the landscape in real-time.

The app provides immediate visualizations of wind-farms to businesses and the public before they’re built, something that would normally take weeks or months.  VentusAR radically reduces that time by loading geographic data models and GPS coordinates of the proposed locations, then going out in the field with the tablet to render 3D turbines aligned on top of a live camera feed.

To really appreciate how innovative this experience is we took this video where George takes us through the problems VentusAR solves and shows us how it works.  Watch it in full-screen to see it in action.

VentusAR opened my eyes about the possibility of using game technology to solve real-world business problems, creating one of the most unique app experiences I’ve ever seen.

Thank you to Linknode for sharing your app with us!

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Visit VentusAR’s website to learn more.

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