Did you catch Jérémie Laval’s blog post about bridging Rdio and Lastfm? Or Larry O’Brien’s iOS bindings for the new ChromeCast APIs? Unless you aggressively scour the internet for Xamarin-related content, there’s a good chance you missed these articles—along with dozens of other well-written pieces that cover the how’s and why’s with Xamarin.

Today, we’re announcing the Xamarin Community Blogs – your unfiltered view into the lives of Xamarin employees, Xamarin MVPs, and some of our community’s most prolific developers. Also known as planet.xamarin.com, our community blog aggregator offers an opportunity to observe the latest Xamarin tips and trends from high orbit. You can see how Xamarin developers react to news, take advantage of the latest and greatest tech, and explore new frontiers of mobile development.


We aim to bring readers the best Xamarin content from around the globe.  If you regularly read a technical blog that should be featured in the Xamarin Community Blogs, please let us know!