For the last 9 months we have been hard at work on a series of giant improvements to the way people build mobile apps. Today we are excited to announce four major new features.

1. Introducing Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio is a beautiful, clean, fresh IDE for developing cross-platform apps with C#. It is tightly integrated with the iOS and Android SDKs so you can build, test and debug apps on simulators and real devices. You’re going to love building apps with Xamarin Studio, on either Mac or Windows.


Check out the Xamarin Studio page, or watch this short demo of some of our favorite parts:



2. Pre-built app components

We want to help developers get their apps done faster, and to add great features without a lot of work. And so we’ve created the Xamarin Component Store, a catalog of stunning UI controls, charts and graphs, beautiful themes, cloud services, and other powerful features that you can add to your app in minutes. The Xamarin Component Store is integrated into Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio so that you can add a new component to your app with just a few clicks.



3. Develop iOS apps in C# with Visual Studio

For the first time ever, you can write native iOS apps in Visual Studio using C#. If you love Resharper, TFS, and the entire Visual Studio ecosystem, your life is now complete. Sharing code between iOS, Android and Windows just got a whole lot easier.


4. Start publishing apps with our free Starter edition

To suit the diverse needs of our fast growing developer community, we have improved our pricing and are now offering four distinct licensing options.

Our new free Starter edition allows anyone to get a taste of mobile development in C# by writing small apps which can be deployed to devices and published to app stores.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 8.26.00 PM
We are also introducing a new Indie edition which supports the growing ranks of independent mobile application developers and hobbyists with an entry price of only $299.

Our new Business edition, at $999, now includes iOS support for Visual Studio developers. Our Enterprise edition is tailored to the needs of larger companies and includes a technical kick-off session, a one-business-day SLA, and over $500 in pre-built app components.

All Xamarin customers with current subscriptions now have access to Xamarin Studio, Visual Studio integration and new business features, and have been grandfathered in to their existing renewal pricing plans.


To get started using all these new features, check out our Components Walkthrough Guide, our in-depth introduction to Xamarin Studio, our instructions for Installing Xamarin.iOS on Windows, and this Introduction to building iOS apps in Visual Studio.

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