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We here in the Xamarin Edu team are super excited to announce the finalized training tracks and schedule for Evolve 2013. We have been working non-stop to prepare two parallel tracks that provide in-depth Xamarin and mobile training that you will not find anywhere else, taught by the folks that built the product.

We are also providing free certification tests for Xamarin’s new Certified Developer program for those that have signed up for training at Evolve. The program offers three different certification levels:

Xamarin Certified Developer Badges

  • Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer – Cross platform mobile certification for those using Xamarin to build iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications.
  • Xamarin Certified iOS Developer – Mobile certification for those using Xamarin to build iOS applications.
  • Xamarin Certified Android Developer – Mobile certification for those using Xamarin to build Android applications.

Xamarin skills are increasingly in demand – make sure the market knows that that you represent top Xamarin talent. Evolve attendees will be the first to take advantage of these certification programs, which will be available to the entire developer community shortly after the conference.

The training itself is split into two tracks, Fundamentals, and Advanced:

Fundamentals Track

Designed to lay the foundation of core mobile development and then cover key concepts in more depth, this track is for those that are new to mobile development or still in the early stages of understanding it.

Focusing on getting you quickly up to speed on both Android and iOS development in day one, it begins with the basics of mobile development, introducing the toolchain, building first apps, and deployment and debugging. Then in day two we take a cross platform look at the core SDK frameworks, providing you with guidance and best-practices for accessing the cloud, caching data locally, working with components, building performant applications, memory management, and more.

Advanced Track

Intended for those that have a solid understanding of the core mobile development fundamentals already, and want to learn frameworks and concepts in more detail.

The advanced track takes a cross platform look at notifications, backgrounding/multitasking, touch, maps, graphics, and animation, as well as delving into advanced cross platform development and patterns. Additionally, it looks at platform-specific application concepts such as fragments in Android, and collection views in iOS. Finally, just like the fundamentals track, we will examine building performant applications and advanced memory management.

Choosing Your Track

You can choose between the Fundamentals and Advanced tracks when you register for Evolve. If you’ve already registered, please log in to Eventbrite to update your registration with your track selection or email your selection to

No matter which track you choose, you can expect an intense two days of high quality training given by the experts at Xamarin.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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