It was a busy three months at Xamarin as we rode along and presented with Richard and Carl on the .NET Rocks! Roadshow. We made stops at 18 cities across the US and we talked to thousands of developers, some who are already using Xamarin to create beautiful native mobile apps and others that were introduced to Xamarin for the first time. If you weren’t able to attend one of the events or if we didn’t make a stop in your city do not worry, we will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, February 18th at 11AM EST that will cover the main Xamarin presentation; registration is open right now.

Chris and I have already recapped the East Coast, Central, and West Coast stops. However, I thought it would be nice to do a final recap of the entire road show and the final stops on the West Coast. We kicked off the final stretch of the roadshow in one of Xamarin’s hometowns, San Francisco, where it was a full house.

Full House in San Fran

To get everything started, Richard kicked things off with an epic and funny tale of his first 20MB hard drive, Goliath. After showing off new features of Visual Studio 2013, it was my turn to show off all of the great features of Xamarin, Portable Class Libraries, and Azure Mobile Services all working together to create cross platform mobile apps in C#. To finish the day Beth Massi joined Carl and Richard on stage to talk about all of the new features in Visual Studio LightSwitch. After the show there were plenty of the Xamarin team around to answer everyone’s questions.

Xamarai's a plenty

The very next morning I traveled nearly one thousand miles to join Morgan at our next stop in Denver. Lines started forming early at the University of Colorado, which lead to our largest turn out of any stop on the roadshow. I was pretty excited to setup our booth to give away tons of C# shirts and Xamarin monkeys!

Let's give away monkeys!

Every single seat was occupied for my presentation and for the .NET Rocks! interview with Tim Huckaby about the Kinect 2.

Full room in Denver

There was no stopping, as right after the interview Morgan and I were off to the Denver airport for our next stop in my hometown of Seattle! The EMP Museum was a gorgeous venue for the event and our monkeys had a great time exploring all of the exhibits on display.

Monkeys in space

After taking a stroll through the museum, I was back on the main stage that offered a multi-level viewing of me creating cross platform native apps in C#. As a compliment to using Azure Mobile Services in my presentation, Michele Bustamante was interviewed for .NET Rocks!, where she talked about her experiences with Azure and DevOps practices.

On Stage at the EMP

After an early morning three hour drive, Morgan and I arrived at our final stop of the roadshow in one of my favorite cities, Portland. Cinetopia, our third movie theater, hosted a beautiful 70 foot screen for the event. C# was larger than life on the big screen and it was simply beautiful seeing the absolutely ginormous iPhone and Android simulators.

On the Big Screen

That wraps it up for the .NET Rocks! Roadshow. Looking back over the last three months, this roadshow has been an absolute blast. I have been able to see so many great cities and talk to a plethora of amazing Xamarin or soon-to-be Xamarin developers. Like I say at the end of each of my presentations, I love talking mobile development and hearing about everything that our developers are working on. Feel free to send me a tweet @JamesMontemagno and let me know how you liked the event or if you just want to talk code. Once again if you were not able to attend one of the events, I will be giving the presentation one more time on a live webinar, February 18th at 11AM EST. You can register for the webinar right now!

Before I officially close out the roadshow I wanted to give an update to the roadshow map. I have added some fun stats encompassing the entire roadshow: